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Designers, such as Danit Peleg, are using 3-D printers to make fully customised and personalised... There is growing awareness of the social and environmental impact of disposable "fast fashion". We produce 100 billion new pieces of clothing each year, mainly from virgin resources. And, according to a recent report from environmental NGO Stand.Earth, the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of global climate pollution. If the garment business were a nation, it would be the fourth largest climate polluter on the planet. So here are my (hopeful) suggestions for what your wardrobe might look like in a decade's time if fashion's sustainable revolution succeeds. Our wardrobes are dominated by cotton, a thirsty crop saturated in pesticides, and polyester, which is derived from petroleum. These will be displaced by so-called "wealth from waste" fibres, including "banana sylk" (from the stems of banana plants) and fruit "leathers", especially from pineapple. The Spanish brand Pinatex has already brought the latter to market; a square metre of pineapple leather uses 480 waste pineapple leaves and is half the cost of traditional cow leather (and, its proponents claim, comes at a fraction of the environmental cost of raising livestock). This Laura Strambi outfit is made from pineapple leather. Photo: Supplied YOU'LL BE CARRYING A BAG MADE FROM FERMENTED YEAST Modern Meadow, based in New Jersey in the US, has caused a stir by applying sugar feedstock to yeast cells that have been engineered to create collagen. It is then pressed into sheets and tanned (in an eco-friendly process) to create cow-less leather.

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