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“Ultimately we will get the information out,” he added. The judge sealed the motion, filed by Mr. Balian’s lawyer, that requested the order to the newspaper, so it was not clear on what basis it was sought or justified. Kelli Sager, a lawyer handling the case for The Times, said it was particularly strange that the judge did not involve the newspaper in any hearing before acting. “It is very surprising that this kind of order would be issued without being heard,” Ms. Sager said. “We were never given notice. We don’t know what was said. We hear speculative threats, we hear these safety allegations all the time. Courts have said that’s not enough. There has to be a clear threat, and the example is troop movements during wartime — it has to rise to that level.” Ms.

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Orange County congressional race between Rohrabacher and Rouda a dead heat, new poll finds

Orange County congressional race between Rohrabacher and Rouda a dead heat, new poll finds (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times) One of California’s most hotly contested congressional races — the campaign between incumbent Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and his Democratic challenger, Harley Rouda — is starting off as a dead heat, according to a new poll that shows a Democratic edge on enthusiasm countering the Orange County district’s Republican leanings. Rouda, who barely squeaked through the June primary to emerge as Rohrabacher’s opponent, has a 46%-43% edge among potential voters, the poll found — a nominal lead well within the survey’s margin of error. The survey by Monmouth University is the first public, nonpartisan poll of the district since the June primary. The poll is one of a series that Monmouth, in West Long Branch, N.J., is conducting of key congressional races nationwide. The nonpartisan survey has compiled one of the country’s best records for accuracy in recent years. Rohrabacher draws his strongest support from conservatives, fellow Republicans and white voters who did not graduate from college, a group that makes up just under one-third of the electorate, the poll found. Whites without college degrees favored Rohrabacher 55% to 34%, with 11% undecided. Rouda gets his biggest backing from women, voters younger than 50 and non-whites, who make up about one-third of the electorate in the district, according to the poll. But minority voters also showed somewhat less interest in the election than did whites, noted Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth poll.

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Paul Pogba of France celebrates with the World Cup Trophy following his sides victory in the 2018 Fifa World Cup Final between France and Croatia at Luzhniki Stadium on 15 July 2018 in Moscow, Russia Noah said he understood where the ambassador was coming from and how his comment could be perceived as "joining the attack" with France's far right. But he said his statement should be put in context: "When I am saying, 'They are African', I am not saying it as a way to exclude them from their Frenchness, but using it as a way to include them in my Africanness." To deny that duality was something he "vehemently" disagreed with. By Lucy Williamson, BBC Paris correspondent France's last World Cup win in 1998 triggered a national debate over French identity, after the slogan Black-Blanc-Beur (Black, White, Arab) was coined to describe the multi-ethnic team. It was a striking development, because discussing race or religion is officially considered irrelevant to French identity - even frowned upon. The French state collects no data on the ethnic origins of its citizens; a way of underlining the principle that all are equal, and equally French. The reality is somewhat less "colour-blind", though, according to many of those who come from immigrant backgrounds, and especially from France's former colonies in Africa. They say many areas of French life - such as getting a job - are more difficult with an immigrant name or a non-white face. France's colonial past has left uncomfortable divisions here; divisions which have been exacerbated by city planning around its major cities, and - some would say - a Republican ideal that is often seen as rooted in France's white Christian history. The recent debate around the place of Islam has highlighted these tensions again.

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